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Friday, November 9, 2012


Some of you may heard about the story of the bar ladies (prostitutes) those who became Christian in the past three months. In the beginning my friend Nida and Puum were helping them to learn about the new life and in last October the group had stopped because of some reasons.

Puum used to be a member in my discipleship group when she was a student at Ramkumheang University (in 2008). Now she is working at an International Church's office in down town of Bangkok where is near the bars that the prostitutes work.

Puum said "It is uneasy for me to mentor them because their lives are so complicated and all the sexual issues are spiritual warfare." She has been fighting with the bad spirit and one night while she was awake. "I saw two men and a lady walk to me in my room with one of my disciple. I asked them 'What are you doing here?' and they said they're coming to pray for me. Then they laid their hands on my head and started cursing on me. I was frighten and fearful so I cried out the name 'JESUS, JESUS, JESUS...!!' I felt heavy all my whole body and can't move. Then I kept say the name out loud until the strong wind came toward me and released the heaviness from me. The wind moved out through the window and those people were gone."

This is amazing how the darkness power is so real and God is the hero. Please keep Puum in your prayers and her will to move on to disciple those new believers who are seeking the real freedom in Christ Jesus.