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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thailand Whisleblowers

Thailand has been having politic unrest for years because of the bad leadership that lack of ethic and justice. The politic divides people like a broken home. Millions people as Whistleblowers, they went out on the streets of Bangkok many times to show their thought to the Government and asked for Political reformation before new election. There was no violence since the first protest in November but violence had started on December 26th, because of the crashed between police and protesters on the election application event.

Please keep Thailand's revolution in your prayers, thank you.       

Beautiful Friendship

So bless to spent time with my friend/disciple/sister Joy Godsey and got to know her husband Daniel. They came to Thailand for 3 weeks and we spent our vacation together in November 2013.
Sharing faith story to Evangelical Church of Bangkok (my home church). It was a great privilege to sharing God's story through my experience with Him, that made me to get to know a pre-christian name Kwan (Nan). Then she opened her heart to Christ on August 13th, 2013.  

Monday, March 11, 2013

My dad

Thank you for all prayers to my dad he got out from the hospital after had surgery for gallstone removal on 18 Feb. Then went back again on Monday 4th, March because of the recovery doesn't go very well. Please continue pray for his salvation also my 6 siblings who are non believers. 

Bless other.

Some of you may known that my sister's house had got flood in the year of 2011. She still living in the unfixing house because of her financial is not good also she is a widow with a going-school daughter.
I got a chance after Christmas to show her love by brought Chang-chan and his wife to replaced the old door for her house. Including fixed the dent roof. This man is a construction man who has been serving with me since last year. He and his wife are growing Christian also his daughter named Tai is a housekeeper for Thailand CCC dorm in Bangkok.